Our Advantage

Sustainable, economical, customizable solutions for the oil and gas industry

Advantaged Cost

Our sustainable process is cost-effective for oil companies and operators. It reduces or eliminates costs associated with the purchase and transport of fresh water and the transport and disposal of produced water.


We can deliver finished water that exceeds EPA standards for drinking water for consumers. We can recycle oilfield wastewater to any specifications for reuse in the field.


Our systems are modular and scalable so clients can specify the configuration they need. We tailor end-products—from heavy brine to drinking water—to client needs as well.


Our systems are compact, assembled on site, mobile and fully equipped. This makes for easy set up and same-day operation.


Our closed-loop system enables on-site recycling of wastewater that oil companies can reuse for drilling. Less reliance on fresh water sources means less impact on the environment.


We are a privately managed company. With services that are independent of state and federally operated systems, we’re able to stay flexible and responsive to clients’ needs.

Interested investors and water operators, please contact Stephen Guinn.

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