About Us

Dry States Water Solutions is a service company dedicated to reclaiming and recycling produced water, the wastewater byproduct of drilling and fracking in the oil and gas industry. We are committed to creating solutions for the ever-expanding global challenge of procuring and preserving fresh water through sustainable and cost-effective recycling methods.

Water poses a logistical and environmental challenge for energy producers. We believe that treating wastewater so it can be reused for hydraulic fracturing is the best and most sustainable option for repurposing produced water, and that this will be key to the future of the oil and gas industry. Oil companies are finding that using wastewater, instead of purchased freshwater or brackish groundwater, not only preserves a limited natural resource but can improve production. 

  • We focus on the construction of new, economical water recycling infrastructure to deliver long-term solutions to customers. (We do not perform any other water management operations.)
  • We will own and operate midstream assets to better serve producers. 
  • We will work with producers to reduce operating costs and improve oilfield logistics by enhancing the procurement and delivery of frac supply water and the transportation, handling and disposal of produced water and flowback volumes.
  • We listen to the concerns of our customers and solve for their specific needs and requirements.

Our Purpose

We founded Dry States Water Solutions to be different from other water management companies. In addition to providing a much-needed service to the oil and gas industry, our mission is to serve as a caring and committed steward of the environment. We are passionate about solving the challenges related to produced water, and we are excited to be a leader in transforming produced water into a viable resource. Fresh water is a basic human need, and we look forward to the day when it is commonly available to all.